Heat Treatment Services

Termico Customized Solutions

You can concentrate on your core activities, while our experts ensure that your areas are Insect’s free by delivering customized solutions.

We develop customized Treatments Services for each customer. One time Service or Periodic/Scheduled Treatment Programs can be developed according to your needs.

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Upon request our equipment can also be purchased. Our specialists can provide your team the guidelines for archiving successful results when performing the treatment.

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Termico Heat Treatment Advantages

  • Minimal impact on your daily business: Termico Heat Treatment is a simple, fast and effective pest control treatment. Due to the modular design it can  be installed during the daily operation.
  • Non - chemical / non – toxic: The treated areas may again be occupied immediately without insecticide residues and without product contamination. Access to the Heat treated area and to connected buildings is permitted during all the time.
  • Environmental friendly: In compliance with all government regulations.
  • No Contamination: Due to the poison and chemical free treatment, there is no risk for any product contamination.
  • No risk of damages on electronic equipment
  • Flexible method for different building sizes or individual rooms.
  • High-quality service: All treatments are performed under highly skilled technician's supervision.

Applications for Termico Heat Treatment

Termico Heat Treatment can be used in a variety of applications, in all areas permanent or temporary closed.

Food Industry

Grain Terminals, Flour Mills, Bakeries , Noodle manufacturer, Spices / Seasonings Manufacturer, Coffee plants , Breweries, Rice Mills, Restaurants, etc.

100% Food Safety

Non Food Industry

Animal Feed mills / Pet Food Industry, Houses, Apartments, Hotel rooms.


Does your company is not in Thailand and you are interested in our Services?

Together with our logistic partner we can evaluate and arrange a temporary import / transport to your site. According to your expectations we will find the best suitable solution for you.

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