Heat Treatment Services

Sequence of Termico Heat Treatment

Together with your team, our specialist will inspect your site to find the best alternatives to the heat distribution for performing the Treatment.

Thanks to the compact design of Termico Equipment  and preparation of all the equipment in the respective areas is made without any interference to your daily process.  Termico Heat Treatment can be installed while the factory is in operation, minimizing the down time.

Heating up phase

During this period the areas under treatment are heated up to a temperature range of between 50°C to 60°C. The temperature increase takes between 16 to 30 hours to avoid any kind of damage to the building. The duration of this phase depends of the materials and the building structure. (concrete, steel, glass, etc.)

Perfect growing conditions for insects are between 20°C to 32°C. Once the room temperature is higher than 40°C the insects become more active due to the stress caused by the heat.

At this stage insects will get visible while looking for cooler areas.

Active Phase

During this phase the room temperature will be between 50°C to 60°C for approximately 12 to 24 hours. Termico Heaters are designed with safety in mind to avoid damages on heat sensitive equipment while saving energy through the automatic temperature control system.

Cooling Phase

After the Active Phase the temperature of the room is slowly reduced to an ambient temperature, to avoid stress in the building structure. Fresh air is recirculated into the room and Termico equipment is removed from the area allowing the cleaning process to start.